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Match Report Indus-I vs Santa Clara-III 04/18/2010

Report by Praveen K

First Session - Indus I

- Santa Clara 3 (SC3) won the toss and elected to bat first 
- Kalyan got us the initial break through in the fourth ball of the innings
- Vijay, Kalyan & Neel bowled tight lines to frustrate the batsman.
- SC3 batters toiled their way to 50/1 @ end of 14 overs.
- Neel gave us the second break through before going into the first break - 53/2 @ 15 overs

Second Session - Indus I

- SC 3 played their normal style of cricket of holding wickets and moving the score slowly.
- Indus bowlers went about their job of choking runs and waiting for the mistake.
- Gagan was introduced on 21st over and he immediately got the break through with a very good catch by Kalyan - 69/3 @ 21 overs
- Paaji (7-1-21-0), Gagan (4-0-15-1) & Preetam (2-0-5-0) bowled tight lines and restricted SC3 to 104/3 @ 30 overs

Third Session - SC3

- SC3 started to accelerate their innings with Chandrodaya adding some much required impetus 123/3 @ 33overs
- Neel came back in his second spell and immediately gave us a break through with another very well judged catch by Kalyan. 
- Indus fielding thus far had been exceptional!
- SC3 with help of Chandrodaya accelerated in next 5 overs to reach 175/6 @ 39 overs.
- Chadrodaya played a very sensible innings and was looking good to go past 3 figures.
- Indus fielders especially the ones guarding the boundaries let the bowlers down. At least 03 catches were dropped. None of the fielders even got close to the ball as they were not standing on the fence. Had the fielders been standing on the fence and taking starts before the ball was bowled they would all be sitters.
- Kalyan came back for his thrid spell and bowled unplayable yorkers. He to the next 4 wickets in last 3 overs and even had a chance for a hatrick. 
- SC3 finished @ 206 all out 43 overs. Chandrodaya made a chance less 85!
- Kalyan (Deccan Express) finished with 
8.1-0-36-5 and also took 2 catches! But for his third spell SC3 was looking good to go past  225.
- Neel (9-0-46-2), Paaji (9-1-43-1), Vijay (8-1-35-1) Gagan (5-0-22-1) Preetam (4-0-21-0)
- Extras conceded 20 (LBye 7, Bye 2, Noball 1, Wides 10). For a first game I thought this was exceptional!

Fourth Session - SC3

- Indus started cautiously with yours truly and Amit and reached 35/0 - 8 overs
- I got out LBW in the 9th over after scoring 17 and score read 35/1 - 9 overs.
- Amit got next over in the same manner and score read. 35/2 - 10 overs.
- Two quick wickets and SC3 was bubbling. Preetam & Sashi consolidate the innings until first break. 45/2 @ 15 overs.

Fifth Session - Indus

- Sashi and Preetam consolidated the innings further and built a 37 run partnership with help of some extras 76/2 @ 21 overs
- Sashi got caugt behind by the wayward bowler who according to Preetam was generating lot of pace.
- Neel replaced Preetam and immediately started middling the ball and rotating strike.
- Next 10 overs was a treat to watch Neel & Preetam bat. Neels stroke making was exceptional, stylish and exemplary. To me the shot of the match was a front foot punch to a fast bowler to hit him over mid off for six. Preetam at the other end played with lot of grit and determination and played his usual dhoni like innings rotating strike and punishing bad balls.
- At 30 overs Indus was 129/3 with an unbeaten 50 run 4th wicket partnership.

Sixth Session - Indus

- Neel and Preetam deflated the opposition further by playing aptly according to the situation and not taking undue risks. In between the hard run single and doubles, Neel played copy book strokes for boundaries and Preetam bludgeoned the bad balls. Both of the them reached their half centuries. Score read 186/3 @ 39 overs
- Against the run of play both Preetam and Neel got out in subsequent overs. 190/5 @ 40 overs.
- SC3 sensed an opportunity here and brought the main bowlers and started putting pressure.
- With 16 needed of 5 overs Gagan went for a slog and holed out for a duck. 195/6 @ 41 overs.
- Satish who went in as #6 (last one of our Top 6 bats) played a uppish cover drive, superb square cut and and amazing sweep to get 03 stylish boundaries and bring Indus Home.
- Praveen 17, Amit 14, Sashi 14, 
Preetam 58 (7 4's), Neel 50 (3 4's , 1 6), Gagan 0, Satish 14 *, Paaji 1*
- Partnerships 35 (Praveen & Amit), 0 (Amit & Sashi), 37 (Sashi & Preetam), 
114 (Preetam & Neel), 2 (Neel & Satish), 6 (Satish & Gagan), 13* (Satish & Paaji) 

Men of the Day for me: 
Kalyan, Neel, Preetam & Satish (For getting us home)

Go Indus,