Indus Cricket Club is one of newer clubs which joined the Northern California Cricket Association in the 1998 season. Indus cricket club is committed to providing quality cricket in a friendly environment to its members. Almost all of its members live and work in the South Bay (of the San Francisco Bay Area). Some of its members are new to the NCCA but most of them have many years of history playing in the NCCA for several clubs. Indus Cricket club is looking for quality players who are passionate about the game of Cricket.  


       October 2 2017
       Indus Avengers has topped both Prestige Divisions combined and remained in #1 position for the play-off qualification. 

       Indus Conquest has won their last game  but barely missed the first place of the Prestige Division-2. They stay at 2nd place in Prestige Division-2 and qualified for play-off series with a combined division ranking of #3.

        #1 and #4 are in Group A of the play-off series.
        #2 and #3 are in Group B of the play-off series.

       So Avengers and Conquest are in different pools and do not have to play against each other. 

        Indus Battlers have won their Quarter Final game and qualified for the Semi-Final of Summer T-20 championship.

        Indus Prince  have won their league game comfortably and 13 year old Rahul Jariwala became the youngest player in the league to score a century. 

        CONGRATULATIONS to 3 of the 4 teams to qualify for PLAY OFFS, a great achievement for Indus Cricket club. 

       September 24 2017
        Indus Avengers has clinched the 2017 NCCA Prestige-1 Division. Indus Conquest is currently in the 2nd place of the Prestige-2 Division with one more game to go. Both teams have qualified for the A division Promotion play-off series.  Indus Prince team consisting of mostly 12 year kids and a couple of seniors have done really well for playing in the adult league for the very first time and future looks very promising. Indus Battlers team missed the play-off cut for the Summer T20 by half a point in the NRR. Overall, a great showing for the club this summer and good luck to both Indus Avengers/Conquest for the play-offs series. 

PRESTIGE-1 Standings

PRESTIGE-2 Standings   
         Also, the weekend of Sep 23/24 games has seen two Centurions and 2 Five-Fors from Indus.

        Vijay Chukka / Kedar Lahurikar ->


October 1 2016
        Indus has been in the finals competitions in the past but the best showing was being a runner-up. That has changed this weekend - Indus has won it's very first championship this weekend. INDUS is the 2016 NCCA Summer T20 Summer League CHAMPION!!.

        Indus hosted both the Semi-Final and the Final at the brand new world-class dedicated facility for Cricket in bay area at Central Park Fremont. By winning both knock-off games very comprehensively Indus Battlers became the champion of the Summer T20 League. Battlers are well deserving to be the champions as they also topped the season standings.  CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPIONS!!


         Aug 21st 2016

         "Inauguration of the Central Park Cricket and Soccer Fields, Fremont" on Aug 21st. After the public dedication ceremony, Indus Avengers hosted visitors Tracy Cricket Club. Here are some pictures from the Ceremony and the game after.


Central Park Fremont Cricket Field Inauguration Aug 21 2016


          March 29th 2016

           Indus Club members are looking forward to the NCCA Winter League Playoffs where Battlers and Dukes will be playing for the Platinum and Gold Cups respectively.  Summer league starting during last week of April for Avengers and Conquest teams.
           Thanks to Indus' own Pavan Vedere, the dream of having dedicated cricket nets is becoming a reality. Indus will be soon practicing at these world class nets in the city of Fremont.