Website Update and Weekly Stats Entry Process

Season / Post Game Updates
    1) When you receive a schedule for a new season / tournament.

    2) After every HOME game

  • If you are playing the game
    • Make sure to collect the original scoresheet.
    • Double check both scoresheets and make sure its complete.
    • If needed, add any missing entries ( Catcher names, Run Outs, Bowlers, Did Not Bats etc.  ) and tally it up.
    • For players with same names, get thier last names.
  • If you are not playing the game
    • Have the captains send you a copy.
    • Check for errors and have them correct and resend if needed. 
  • If Indus players are missing
    • Check for existing players in the club roster, move them to the current season's availalbe player list.
    • If players were not in the club roster, only then add new players.
  • If oppostion players are missing or if you need clarification on which player to pick ( in the case of illegible names or multile players having the same name )
  • Enter Match Report in the NCCA Forums
    • Login to
    • UserName = teamindus ( Password will be provided to you ).
    • Look for Match Reports
    • Look for the current match week.
    • Post a breif summary in the format that's requested at the start of the thread.
  • Enter Match Report in the NCCA portal
    • Login to
    • UserName/Password will be provided to you.
    • Pick the Season/Tournament
    • Enter Match report ( This is required step before one can enter the scoresheet ).
  • Enter Scoresheet in the NCCA portal
    • Same login process as the match report.
    • Enter Scoresheet and Save it ( dont submit it yet )
    • Send the link of the scoresheet to the captains and have it verified for errors.
  • Submit the scoresheet
    • Send the softcopy of the scoresheet to the appropriate Division Secretary , opposition and home captains and request for approval.
  • Update the schedule page
    • with the win/loss Result.
    • Link to the forums match report
    • Link to the portal scoresheet.
    3) After every AWAY game
  • Make sure Indus Players are available in the "Availalbe" players list.
Website Updates
               Facebook Page
               Redesign if needed.
               Make it more functional .