Indus Cricket Club was formed and joined the Northern California Cricket Association in the summer of 1998. Indus cricket club is committed to providing quality cricket in a friendly environment to its members. Almost all of its members live and work in the South Bay (of the San Francisco Bay Area). Some of its members are new to the NCCA but most of them have many years of history playing in the NCCA for several clubs. Indus Cricket club is looking for quality players who are passionate about the game of Cricket.  

OUR 25th ANNIVERSARY in 2023

2022 Winter-T20 PB Division Champions (Battlers)

2022 Winter-T20 WB Division Champions (Avengers)

2022 A-Division Runner Up (Avengers)

2022 Summer T30 Runner Up (Battlers)

2021 D-Division Champion / Promotion to C (Prince)

2021 Summer T20 Champion (Silicon Stars-player Share)

2019 B Division Champion / Promotion to A  (Avengers)

2019 C Division Runner up / Promotion to B (Conquest) 

2018 Inaugural T10 Runner Up (Indus)

2017 Prestige-1 (B) Division Champion (Avengers)

2017 Prestige-2 (B) Division Runner Up (Conquest)

2016 Summer T20 Champion  (Battlers)

2014 Winter T20 Runner Up (Battlers)

2010 A Division promotion (Avengers)

2009 B Division promotion (Conquest)

2005 A Division promotion (Avengers) 

2004 Bank of India Cup Runner Up (Conquest)

2002 Promotion to B Division (Conquest)

1999 Bank Of India Cup Champions (Avengers)

Following are some of the important events in Indus CC cricketing history:

      Season 2010

      Season 2009

      Season 2008

     Season 2005

     Season 2004

     Season 2003 & prior